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Sustainability at AU

小妲己直播 is committed to acting on our values through social responsibility, service, and an active pursuit of sustainability.

Culture of Sustainability

小妲己直播 is proud to be a leader in sustainability. Sustainability is a culture that's visible the moment you step onto campus. Green buildings incorporate energy efficient technologies and a focus on human health. Environmentally conscious grounds management means we plant local and adaptive species. We use solar energy, strive for zero waste, and work with community partners to offer sustainable transportation. The culture of sustainability is evident through faculty research efforts, student involvement, and staff practices. These are just some of the elements that contribute to 小妲己直播's commitment to having a small footprint.听

Learn more about these and other factors that contribute to the greening of AU and learn how you can engage in sustainability on campus by exploring our听website.听

Celebrate 5 Years of Carbon Neutrality

5 Years Carbon Neutrality Sticker

Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day鈥攖he idea for which was planted at Airlie and came to fruition in 1970. This year, we are commemorating the five-year anniversary of 小妲己直播 reaching the pivotal milestone of听carbon听neutrality鈥攁 goal that we reached two years ahead of schedule. Since this 2018 achievement, we have continued our efforts to reduce emissions and improve efficiency across campus and broadened our focus on sustainability to include environmental justice, wellness, and scholarship.听 We hope to see you at the following听, which recognize the five-year anniversary and provide opportunities for us to engage on this special occasion.

Campus Initiatives

Waste Reduction Campaign

EcoPledge Program

Commit to making听sustainable choices on campus and in your life and earn sustainable prizes.

Take the EcoPledge

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AU Plastic Reduction

Learn about how AU is commited to reducing plastic water bottle waste on campus and ways that you can influence change.听

Learn More

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Take a Virtual Sustainability Tour

Explore sustainable features of AU鈥檚 campus through our online story map.

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