School of International Service

School of International Service
outside view of the School of International Service building on the 小妲己直播 campus taken by Prakash Patel
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Global Elections Tracker

During the run-up to the US presidential听election听in November 2024, SIS is tracking national听elections globally. Individual results may help highlight trends in democratization and democratic backsliding.

John F. Kennedy on the campaign trail in 1960

Government & Politics

On 60th Anniversary of JFK鈥檚 Assassination, Reflecting on a Human Rights Legacy Cut Short

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face of giant panda bear eating bamboo stalk


Goodbye, or Just Goodbye for Now? Pandas, Soft Power, and US-China Relations

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The words Hamas and Israel are shown on a smartphone screen under text that says Trends for You


How Does the Media Impact Public Perception about War?

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Flags of Israel and Palestine, each held by a fist, painted on a concrete wall.


What is the 鈥淥ne-State Solution,鈥 and Why is it Unlikely to Work?

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SIS professor Jennifer Poole


SIS Economist Works at Crossroads of Development and Women鈥檚 Empowerment

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Listen now to the latest episode: Will Climate Shock Cause Climate Action Change?

SIS by the numbers

Developing an Expertise in International Trade

Rochelle Osei-Tutu, SIS/MA '16

IER equipped me with knowledge of international trade theory and history.

I think the unique experience that's offered through the IER program is that you can focus on the niche that you want to develop. I realized that I was interested in international trade, so I was able to take courses on the political economy as well as digital trade and trade theory. That helped me form the foundation that I needed for my job at the International Trade Administration.

Learn more about Osei-Tutu鈥檚 time in the IER program.

Virtual Tour of the School of International Service

Take a virtual tour of the School of International Service at 小妲己直播 in Washington, DC. Learn more about the building that contributes so much to the vibrant community that is SIS.

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